Face Care

Traditional Care60 min300 mad

Shine treatment30 min150 mad

Moisturizer45 min200 mad

Anti-Aging Care30 min250 mad


Scrub with natural plants60 min250 mad

+petit bain de pétales pour le massage des pieds

Scrub + wrap to choose60 min300 mad

Algues, chocolat, raisin noir

Honey Scrub60 min180 mad

Scrub + back care60 min200 mad

Scrub with argan oil + sea salt60 min180 mad

Black Soap Scrub60 min130 mad

Antioxidant60 min100 mad

Hair removal

Complete Legs30 min150 mad

Mini Legs30 min80 mad

Arms30 min100 mad

Forearm30 min60 mad

Back60 min150 mad

Armpits / Dûves / Eyebrows60 min50 mad

Shirt60 min150 mad

Edge of the Maillot60 min80 mad


Men’s Cup60 min150 mad

Women’s Cup60 min180 mad

Moroccan hair care45 min150 mad

Short hair brushing60 min100 mad

Long hair brushing60 min130 mad

Manicure & Pedicure Care

Manicure30 min100 mad

Pedicure30 min150 mad

Beauty of the Hands30 min200 mad

Beauty of the feet30 min250 mad


Relaxing massage60 min280 mad

Tonic Massage60 min300 mad

Oriental Massage60 min350 mad

Massage Bérbere60 min250 mad

Ayurvedic Massage60 min350 mad

Massage with 4 hands60 min500 mad

Slimming Massage30 min250 mad

Massage Leather Scalp30 min150 mad

Facial Modeling30 min150 mad

Reflexology30 min150 mad